Always read the care label before washing your clothes. Always wash your clothes with similar garments sorted by color; light and dark. To spare the prints, we recommend that you wash garments turned inside-out. In the case of the reversible sweatshirts we recommended to turn the screen print side inwards. As the garments are made of 100% cotton, there will be some shrinkage. Be sure to wash the garment in the right temperature and stretch the garment with caution while it is still damp after washing to regain the original form. Hang drying garments are the most gentle drying method. Ironing your clothes on medium temperature, preferebly iron the garment turned inside out. Use a mild detergent fit for colored clothing, otherwise the print will be affected and fade faster All these recommendations will ensure a longer life the garment and will also be more gentle way to save the earth’s resources.

Om Filemonkid

Global Organic Textile Standard

All Filemon Kid’s garments are made in Turkey and are GOTS certified. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international label for textile covering both social and environmental requirements. It is the certification that has been hardest requirements of all the certifications available on the market today. GOTS certification ensures that the garment is made up of at least 70-95% organic fibers. GOTS certifies the entire production process at all stages, from cultivation, harvesting, spinning, fabric manufacture, dyeing, printing, sewing factory and packaging. While conventional cotton cultivation is heavily dependent on toxic pesticides, fertilizers and GMO, organic farming instead only uses natural substances and methods and crop rotation to protect the soil and water in the local ecosystem. Equivalent to include social rights and requirements for all the people who are included in the chain concerning eg work environment, wages, working hours and child labor.